Virtual Office Assistance is the art of supporting an organization without needing to be physically present.  

It works because of technological advancements in communications in today’s wired world.   
Virtual Assistants are independent contractors who provide administrative support or specialized business services.  We can assist with additional staff to meet seasonal demands in the short term, provide unique skills for a special project, or step in to meet the demands of business growth.  

Your core business takes precedence, leaving you with little time to handle other aspects of running a business – such as ongoing sales and marketing activities, client liaison & customer service, bookkeeping & accounting, and day to day administrative functions.  

The  “Entrepreneurial Impasse is defined as ‘the standstill point at which entrepreneurs become so involved in non-core tasks that they become their own administrative assistants and can no longer focus on the work that drives the bottom line’.  

So whether you are an author, a real estate professional, management consultant, scientist – researcher or a business owner, we invite you to explore how Virtual Admin Associates can assist you in realizing your vision for your Company.  

Let us put our 20+ years of experience to work for you. We are as passionate about succeeding in business as you are. We work seamlessly behind the scenes like a well-oiled machine so that you, the business owner can focus on doing what you do best. We allow you to shine and we find that immensely fulfilling – truly a win-win relationship.  

Give us a call and let us help you take your business to the next level – virtually.